Advocacy Services – North America

Research is distributed to a large network of family offices, Brokers/ Dealers and Institutions in North America. Our research distribution in North America is supported via our office in Denver. The research support is available to all companies that we undertake research coverage for.

Our research is supported by Advocacy services in North America. This service is separate to our research services and is available to a select group of clients. The selection is made based upon our research and based upon the needs of our investor client base in the USA.

This service focuses on companies that wish to seek awareness within the institutional channels in North America. The companies benefit from the expertise in investment research combined with our research delivery capability on various platforms worldwide. The Advocacy services are underpinned by our strong research capability. This service is not investor relations. This service is high level engagement with key stakeholders in the capital markets and is customised to suit the company’s objectives and investor demand. In most instances we will work alongside with the company’s CEO and/or their IR firm/ personnel.

Broadly our services in North America include (not limited too):

  • We represent companies in the North America and effectively engage with corporate and institutional investors with knowledge and a genuine interest in various industry sectors. The contact with the various parties is predicated upon the published research report to our distribution channels in North America including Family offices, Broker/ Dealers and Fund Managers. It is expected that the company can rely upon our industry knowledge, and ability to connect with the most reliable partners for strategic investments or partnerships. We engage with targeted parties in a city or industry where the company does not have sufficient representation or penetration.
  • Represent the company with key players in the capital markets and with key Institutions in the various industry sectors. There will be a program of planned communication for third parties based upon the company’s agenda and purpose. Our office will promote the company’s interest’s in the various forums that is aligned with our research and investor demand.
  • To provide market and industrial intelligence that is specific to the company’s particular needs that integrates with strategic advice we may provide about positioning the company against various investors that maybe ahead of a particular meeting or event that our office in Denver many organize from time to time.
  • To provide strategic advice and assistance with joint ventures, technology transfers, business agreements and other relevant commercial aspects of the company’s activities in North America.
  • To identify potential strategic investors in North America. This process will be undertaken in consultation with the company.
  • IIR can orchestrate listing on US markets including creation of ADRs banking arrangements, requisite legal support and capital raising via third parties as appropriate.
  • IIR will work alongside with the company’s IR team or its IR consultants to ensure that the company obtains strategic value from our network and engagement.
  • Where relevant and expected, our firm will work with the company’s IR firm/ personnel on strategic engagement with third parties in the capital markets