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Independent Investment Research ‘IIR’ is an independent investment research house in Australia that has been operating since 2004 (formerly part of the Aegis Group of Companies).

IIR specialises in the analysis small to mid cap companies listed, and provides high quality commissioned research coverage for the equity market which includes listed and unlisted managed investments, small cap research coverage and other investment products.

IIR was established in 2004 to provide investment research to the investment industry and continues to be innovative while responding to changing industry dynamics.

IIR provides customers and subscribers an unparalleled research platform which covers a broad spectrum of equity research for the investment industry.

We at IIR pride ourselves on the quality and independence of our analysis, which is underpinned by high caliber staff and a transparent rigorous research methodology.

What is different about IIR Research?
  • Our independence
  • Coverage
  • Quality Analysts
  • Informed Opinion
  • Freedom from corporate bias and conflict from capital raisings
  • Freedom from trading bias
Questions you should ask your research provider
  • What research services do you provide?
  • Is your research independent?
  • How can I access you research?
  • Can you explain your research process?
  • How often is your research updated?
  • How do you approach corporate action research?

Investment Philosophy

We believe that fundamental research into a company's/ entity’s operations and management is necessary to determine the value of a company/ issuer/ product.

We look at three main factors:

  • Is the underlying business good from a investment perspective (i.e.strong or rapidly improving return on equity)?
  • Has it got good management?
  • Is the valuation attractive based upon acceptable valuation methodology?

This requires experienced analysts with an informed opinion who can take into account the entire industry sector that the company operates in.

Equity Research Coverage

IIR provides analyst coverage on companies providing fundamental analysis complete with a valuation, and commentary on all market sensitive announcements over the term of coverage, which is generally twelve (12) months not that dis-similar to a Broker style coverage Our research does not provide a recommendation (eg Buy, Sell & Hold) (without any corporate activity inherent bias)

Company Profile Reporting

IIR provides company profile coverage on companies that do not qualify for valuation as the company may be in early stages of development like a junior miner exploration company or a company in the life sciences sector. However our research will provide a narrative on the company’s strategy, assessment of management competency together with providing fundamental analysis complete with an in depth report, and commentary on all market sensitive announcements over the term of coverage, which is generally twelve (12) months. Generally, our profile research service highlights the key relevant information about the company and critical observations made by our analysts.

Managed Investments

Managed Investments – Research for this sector is provided a 12 months basis and is published quarterly. Our research is based upon a rating system. Our rating system is discussed separately. Our research profiles includes managed investments both in the listed and unlisted sector which includes listed investment companies, exchange traded funds and exchange traded companies. IIR is plays an important role in raising awareness for the investment industry by profiling these investments on a quarterly basis.